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Kelvin Kiptum sustained severe head trauma, reveals gov’t pathologist

Government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor has revealed that the late World Record holder Kelvin Kiptum sustained severe head trauma.

Speaking on Wednesday from Eldoret Hospital mortuary, Dr. Oduor revealed that the late marathoner sustained severe fractures on the skull leading to his death.

“The late Kelvin had severe head injuries. There were severe skull fractures which were mainly at the base of the skull and the spinal cord had intruded into the canal cavity because of that. Further to that there were some fractures on the ribs on both sides.

On the left side, the first, second and third ribs were fractured and on the right side the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh ribs were fractured. There were also injuries to the lungs. What actually killed the late Kelvin was severe head injuries which when I look at them they look more of something caused by a motor vehicle accident.” he said

Even though the cause of Kiptum’s death has been known, additional samples have been taken for toxicological analysis to determine as to whether external factors contributed to his death.

“We have taken samples for further analysis because the circumstances of the death are being investigated. The samples will undergo full toxicological analysis so that we can see whether there was anything that could have contributed to his death,” he continued

Present during the autopsy was Kelvin Kiptum’s family which followed closely the exercise and even confirmed how pleased they were with the findings.

The news will put to rest speculation from the family that called for extensive investigations to establish the cause of his death.

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