Tuesday, June 25, 2024

At least 62 Eregi Girls High School students admitted

At least 62 students from Eregi Girls High school have been admitted in various hospitals in Kakamega over unknown illness.

Parents of the affected students stormed into the school premise demanding to know the whearabout of their children after the news broke out.

“Tumekuwa hapa tangu six asubuhi na hatujaona huyo mwalimu. Yuko wapi?”┬ásaid one parent as reported by The Star

Others could be heard advsing the management to set up a help desk where they could get all information regarding their children.

The Star confirmed to have received information that the students had elevated electrolytes where their bodies had lost fluids.

The disease basically attacks the system’s ┬ánerves and muscles thus affecting the daily operations succumbing others to a wheelchair for mobility purposes.

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