Thursday, April 11, 2024

Multimedia University students protest over HELB delay

Students from Multimedia University protested on Tuesday over delayed disbursement of HELB causing chaos in the process.

Motorists using the Magadi Road were left stranded as some were forced to use alternatives routes to conduct their day’s activities.

Other than blocking the road, the angry students set bonfires and hurled stones causing a scene. Other students were forced to jump over the school’s gate to make their way out.

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As at the time of reporting neither the school or the students issued a statement in regard to the protest.

Other then delayed HELB disbursement claims, the students also complained about missing marks, a discussion that has not been resolved by the school administration.

The protests come at the backdrop of complains raised by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino who called for speedy disbursement of HELB to facilitate education of students.

“Comrades are very hungry and angry at the same time. Students cannot go to class because HELB has not been released, hence they cannot pay fees,” said MP Babu Owino

Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Prof. Ndung’u has also made similar calls saying that the amount is very little and there is enough to finance the students thus there should be no delays.

“Move with speed and release money to comrades in various universities. HELB must never delay. This money is very little and it is never sufficient, and furthermore, you are delaying it,” said the CS

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