Court adjourns case against former Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja

The court has on Monday adjourned to November 16th the tax evasion case against former Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja.

Issuing the orders was Milimani senior principal magistrate Esther Kimilu after the prosecution side failed to produce more witnesses in the 14.5 billion tax evasion case.

Esther Kimilu noted that she had set aside the whole day to hear the case only for prosecution to produce a total of two witnesses when there should be three to four of them before the court.

“I am not happy that the prosecution only called two witnesses. I needed three to four witnesses because I had a whole day to hear the case. It’s an old matter which I need to conclude,” she said

“I was free today because I had taken off all matters just to hear this case. Give me a date you think am idle to listen to this case except Tuesday and Friday,” said Kimilu

Out of the two witnessed presented, one was a KRA officer who noted that the licenses issued to Keroche continued to run unless when cancelled, a matter that had not been undertaken by the company.

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