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Court orders the arrest of Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja

The court has on Wednesday ordered the arrest of Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja over Ksh 14 billion tax evasion case against Keroche Breweries.

This is after the Senator failed to appear before the court for hearing which was set for Wednesday.

In April this year, Tabitha Karanja pleaded not guilty to tax evasion as the prosecution side amended the charge sheet in the Ksh 14.5 billion case.

The Keroche Breweries CEO through her lawyers agreed to an outside court settlement of the matter.

The issue is yet to be solved as revealed by KRA who noted that she was supposed notify them via writing as stipulated by law.

A 45-day window was issued by the court for Keroche and the tax man to agree on out of court settlement failure in which the case will go to full trial.

The court was later notified that Keroche Breweries failed to honour the payment structure hence the Ksh 14.5 billion in arrears.

“Keroche Breweries Limited has been adamant in disregarding the court order of July 14, 2022 notwithstanding that order was issued in the presence and with knowledge and understanding of the counsel of Keroche Breweries,” said KRA

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