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Raila responds to President Ruto’s invite for talks

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has responded to an invite by President William Ruto for talks to meant to end the current stalemate between the two leaders.

The former Prime Minister has since rejected the invite stating that President William Ruto is insincere and could not be trusted.

Speaking to Al Jazeera on Wednesday, Raila Odinga questioned why the Head of State was sending the invite via the social media when there are official channels for communication.

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“The President is not being serious. If he wanted to meet with me he would not have sent an invite through social media. 

“He knows my address and telephone number and everything. He is basically just playing games. That is like his public relations exercise,” said Raila

The ODM party leader continued by repeating again that President Samia Suluhu of Kenya was in the country to mediate their talks following President William Ruto’s invitation but her efforts were frustrated by the Head of State.

“I mentioned yesterday that two weeks ago, the President of Tanzania Suluhu Hassan, came here to Kenya at his invitation and she spent two days here wishing to bring us together,” he said

The news comes barely a day after President Ruto sent a message on social media revealing that he is open for a one on one talks with the former Prime Minister once he jets back from Tanzania.

“My friend Raila Odinga ,am off to Tanzania for a human capital meeting to harmonise the expansion of employment opportunities in our continent. Am back tomorrow evening, and as you have always known, am available to meet one on one with you anytime at your convenience. WsR,” said President Ruto

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