Monday, July 15, 2024

Athletics Kenya uncovers age discrepancies of 26 athletes

Athletics Kenya (AK) has uncovered differences in the age of 26 athletes as revealed by the President Jack Tuwei.

According to Tuwei, they have discovered that 26 athletes had amended their documents to show the age difference.

“We have discovered 26 athletes have amended their documents to show different ages. Our investigations are ongoing and we will have a detailed statement once we conclude,” said Tuwei.

The President continued by saying that they are working towards establishing the cause of the issue and how well to handle it.

“We want to find out what the problem is; where the issue is emanating from and how we will handle it,” he said

Athletics Kenya confirmed that kick off investigations from 2016 and update its database so as to capture athletes information.

“We are starting investigations from 2016 to check all athletes’ documents as well as updating our database to get athletes information from primary school to when the athlete retires.” said AK

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