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Chief Pathologist Johansen Oduor shocked by Rita Waeni’s murder

Chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor has expressed shock over how 20-year-old JKUAT student Rita Waeni was killed.

Speaking on Friday after conducting postmorteum on Rita’s body, Johansen Oduor noted that he has never encountered such a case in his entire career as a pathologist.

“This is the first time I have come across such an incident. I have never come across such in my forensic life,” he said

He continued by saying that it is like the killer knew what he was doing given the style in which the body was cut and the bones were broken.

“The killer looked like he knew what he was doing because when you look at the skin it looks like it was cut by a sharp object but when you look at the bone it was sawed off  with what looked like a hacksaw.” said Johansen

Also noted during the postmortem was a clear plan by the killer to remove any DNA traces as Rita’s finger nails had been touched by the killer.

“Another thing that we noticed is that the killer tried to clip off her fingernails for reasons which I may not be able to know and as a scientist when we see this we think that the person was trying to hide evidence so that we are unable to get his DNA from his victim,” he said

According to the pathologist, DNA samples were able to be collected from the body pending further analysis as the police continue with their investigation.

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