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Suspect in Roysambu Airbnb murder demanded ransom, says family

Fresh details have emerged in regard to the 20-year-old girl whose dismembered body was discovered on Sunday inside an Airbnb in Roysambu.

According to the family of Rita Waeni Muendo, the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student left home in Syokimau and was to meet a friend.

At 5am, the father of the deceased received a text from a unknown number demanding a Ksh 500,000 ransom in order to release their daughter within 24 hours.

“With this message, the family reported the matter to the police and DCI, and investigations began,” said the family

The family continued by saying that further demands were made even after the JKUAT student had been killed.

“Unfortunately, the family did not get further details about the ransom or an opportunity to explore this route. Additionally, some demands were made when she had already been murdered,” they said

The body and dismembered parts of Rita Mueni were discovered by the owner of the Airbnb but the police are still searching for her missing head and mobile phone.

Already a suspect has been arrested after he was trailed to JKIA where he was planning to leave the country. He was initially interrogated before he was taken in pending further investigation.

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