Monday, April 22, 2024

Court approves detention of Pastor Paul Mackenzie for 47 days

Shanzu Magistrate Court has on Thursday issued orders in regard to bail application and detention of cult leader Paul Mackenzie.

Issuing the ruling, Senior Principal Magistrate Joe Omido allowed the government to detain Mackenzie and 28 co-accused for a period not exceeding 47 days pending hearing and determination of charges levelled against them.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie and co-accused have already spent 90 days in detention, a period that has been termed harsh by the controversial pastor as he pleaded for help from the court.

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Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have welcomed the move saying the time is ample for them to collect enough evidence to prosecute the cult leader.

A total of 12 criminal charges have been levelled against Pastor Paul Mackenzie with the charges including murder, abduction, radicalization and aiding suicide.

The news comes at a time when more than 450 bodies have been retrieved from Shakahola forest in one of the biggest massacre to have occurred past the watchful eye of intelligence.

More questions than answers have been raised with the government promising justice to the victims who some are yet to find some of their loved ones after joining his church.

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