Friday, May 24, 2024

Eric Omondi and girlfriend Lynne welcome a baby girl

Comedian Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Lynne have welcomed their first born child, a baby girl as revealed by the new parents in town.

Taking on social media, the two broke the good news to the world as Lynne could be seen holding on the young one from the hospital bed.

The proud father went a step further to reveal the name of their daughter as Princess Kyla Omondi through a caption on Instagram.

The news follows a recent gender reveal done by the lovers at a waterfall in Thika, a one of a kind gender reveal from a celebrity in the country.

Surrounded by close friends, Eric Omondi and Lynne cheered as the water turned pink meaning they are expecting a baby girl.

Last year the duo confirmed to have lost their unborn baby after Lynne got a miscarriage as revealed by the comedian.

Omondi took on social media to reveal the challenges they have encountered as Kenyans swept in to condole with them.

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