Monday, June 17, 2024

Influencer Brian Chira arrested for defaming Azziad Nasenya

Popular influencer Brian Chira has been arrested and set to be charged for defaming Tik Toker and radio host Azziad Nasenya.

Brian was arrested by detectives and spent the night in police custody as revealed in a video of the influencer being taken in the station with handcuffs.

According to Azziad’s lawyer, her client made the decision to take legal action against him for harming her brand and defaming her.

She continued by accusing Chira of sharing Azziad Nasenya’s phone number, action that saw her receive alot of calls with some of those calling abusing her in the process.

Investigations into the incident will be conducted before Brian Chira is charged before a court of law.

“Sometime last week Chira went live on TikTok at night and the Topic was Azziad he uttered some words which I cannot repeat here but those words are defamatory and he did not stop there he went ahead and gave and gave out her number.

“My client has for the past week been buzzed with a lot of calls and messages some of which are insults and my client was not happy. Since we have the computer misuse and cybercrime act she choose to take legal action,” said Azziad’s lawyer

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