Monday, April 22, 2024

Silas Jakakimba resigns as Governor Gladys Wanga’s legal advisor

Former Migori Senatorial aspirant Silas Jakakimba has resigned as the legal advisor to the executive office of Homa Bay governor Gladys Wanga.

Through a statement, Jakakimba noted that he will continue supporting the Governor but due to unforeseen commitments, he has stepped down from his position.

“On October 11th, 2022, HE Governor Gladys Wanga bestowed on me the honour to serve as her Advisor, Legal Affairs. This appointment was premised on the mutual understanding that Homa-Bay County deserved a different tangent of leadership and in Gov. Wanga, the hopes and aspirations of our people would be realized through devolution.

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Whereas we still believe in this journey and give our Word to continue supporting the Governor to deliver on her mandate – and due to emerging and increasing commitments earlier unforeseen , I have today rendered my resignation from the said office, with immediate effect.

Even so, I wish to heartily thank Gov. Wanga for believing in me. I take this opportunity to reiterate my personal and our people’s continued belief in the incredible governance style that Gov. Wanga has grounded in Homa-Bay. The Governor can count on our unending and unconditional support in her obviously tireless efforts to see the devolution enterprise work for the people of Homa-Bay,” said Jakakimba

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