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David de Gea bids farewell to Manchester United

Legendary goalkeeper David de Gea is leaving Manchester United for good as he bid farewell to the club and the fans at large.

Taking on social media, the Spaniard expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the love he received since joining the club 12 years ago under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I just wanted to send this farewell message to all Manchester United supporters. I would like to express my unwavering gratitude and appreciation for the love from the last 12 years.

We’ve achieved a lot since my dear Sir Alex Ferguson brought me to this club. I took incredible pride everytime I pulled on this shirt, to lead the team, to represent this institution, the biggest club in the world was an honour only bestows upon a few lucky footballers,” said David de Gea

According to the Spaniard, it is now high time that he undertakes a new challenge but Manchester United will forever remain in his heart.

“It’s been an unforgettable and successful period since I came here. I didn’t think from leaving Madrid as a young boy we would achieve what we did together.

Now, it’s the right time to undertake a new challenge, to push myself again in new surroundings. Manchester will always be in my heart, Manchester has shaped me and will never leave me. We’ve seen it all,” said de Gea

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