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Dennis Itumbi called out for lying over Billy’s release

Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi has been called out on X after it was revealed that he lied over the release of influencer Billy.

In what has been a demand by X users calling for the release of the influencer by the government, Billy was still being held at a unknown police station following the #occupyparliament protest on Thursday.

Taking on social media, Itumbi confirmed that he had been arrested over alleged threats towards Treasury CS as he promised with the aggrieved party to withdraw the charges.

“I have checked with Police why Crazy Nairobian, Billy, is under arrest. I understand he sent threatening message/s. I get hundreds of those myself, & they do not bother me. But well, it is a crime. I am unable to intervene, though I strongly disagree. I will reach out to the complainant to see if he/she can withdraw.

That said, when they used to arrest me, I used the court platform to argue TRUTH and FACTS. I am of the view that INSULTS are part of free speech. Insulting and criticing public servants should not be treated as a crime. I will leave the jury to decide if sending threatening messages should be treated as a crime. I would personally not bother report to police, but that I leave to the courts to determine.

I also firmly hold that Public Servants should grow a THICK SKIN. Some of these arrests based on your complaints are unnecessary. They may not be ILLEGAL, but they are sincerely STUPID!” he said

A few minutes later he confirmed that Crazy Nairobian, Billy had been released on free bond allegations that were confirmed to be false.

“Asante, for the withdrawal of the complaint. Crazy Nairobian released on Free Bond. Enjoy Freedom Billy.” he said

Faced with backlash from Gen Z, Itumbi was forced to clarify that it was not him that was released but Wafula Bwire and Stephen Kariuki.

“CLARIFICATION: THE content creator arrested for threatening a senior public servant is WAFULA BWIRE – he was FREED this evening after the complaint was withdrawn. His relatives received him.

Also freed was a Stephen Kariuki, who was being held in Nakuru on a similar offence. So, where is Billy? Anyone with details on where he was arrested, please DM. Let us trace him, I have also requested Police to check if Billy Simani is in their custody.” said Itumbi

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