Monday, July 15, 2024

Farouk Kibet urges Gen Z to exercise restraint against MP’s

President William Ruto’s aide Farouk Kibet has called out Gen Z protesters over their conduct when demonstrating against the Finance Bill 2024.

Speaking on Saturday, Kibet called on the young generation to practice restraint when addressing leaders on the controversial bill before Parliament.

According to Farouk Kibet, he was deeply concerned by the foul language and insults leveled toward the Legislators as they called on the removal of the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

“In my life, I have never used Twitter or FaceBook, my phone has no such things. I want the young people to take this opportunity to focus on their studies and refrain from using foul language.

You can express yourself without abusing your neighbour, it is possible. We don’t want people who take pictures and write things claiming you are the one who wrote them.” said Kibet

Kibet continued by defending the Head of State saying that the bill means well for Kenyans and that the MPs voted for the bill are considerate of the plight of Kenyans.

“Ruto cares about Kenyans’ welfare. He can’t approve a bill that hurts Kenyans. If you stand as a leader, be caring about other people. Our president cares about Kenyans’ welfare, he is not the kind of person who passes Bills to hurt Kenyans.

So I want to tell those Kenyans, no Kenyan who wishes ill on other Kenyans. The president is leading a country where we found a huge debt left by the former regime, which we don’t know how it will be paid. If it is not paid, our country will be auctioned like Ethiopia.” he said.

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