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Doctor Mbiti summoned by KMPDC over twins delivery tweet

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC) has summoned Bungoma based doctor Mbiti Mwondi following his tweet after successfully delivering twins.

Through a letter dated 4th March, 2024 KMPDC noted that it was responding to a letter demanding immediate investigation over alleged violation of professional ethics.

The council noted that he violated patient confidentiality by posting on social media the photos of the new born babies and that he intentional extracted the male child so that he can gain elder status.

It is due to the above that the council now calls for a comprehensive statement in response to the allegations raised by the general public. The statement should be accompanied by other documents that will assist in the investigation.

Mbiti made headlines not only with the picture but his statement that he preferred to extract the boy child due to society status of becoming an elder. The statement rubbed a section of Kenyans the wrong way and dividing many on gender roles.

“A few minutes ago 2:00 am in theatre via CS, I just extracted the most beautiful twins I have ever seen; a boy and girl. I intentionally extracted the baby boy first so that he’d be called the elder one of the two. Boy child for boy child. Couldn’t help but ask the mum to consent.” he said

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