Monday, July 15, 2024

Eddie Butita forced to declare stand on Finance Bill 2024

Comedian Eddie Butita was on Sunday forced to declare his stand on the contentious Finance Bill 2024 given his close relation with President William Ruto.

“I am talking to you. The future of your creative works is in your audience. Listen to your audience. Don’t explain. Go to Youtube and create a 10-minute promo that rejects the Finance Bill. That is what artists do. I am not begging you.” said Amerix

“Recently, I have faced criticism for not publicly stating my psition on the Finance Bill 2024. I want to address the issue directly and share the state of affairs sorrounding my recent actions.

I understand the frustration and disconnect many feel with the current system. It is clear that we need a proper structure to ensure our voices are heard and represented effectively. Often, our leaders lose touch with those they represent. The results are what is happening currently.

Over the years, I have shied away from making political stands, but I agree this is not a political moment, with my status, my silence is not warranted. It “creases.” The Finance Bill, as it stands, is not okay.

I played a role and submitted my concerns and will do it again when needed because I am a citizen and a businessman. I want the best for my countrymates, family, friends, and colleagues.

All said and done, it is time to publicly make my position official. I Eddie Butita #RejectFinanceBill2024. It is time to listen. We can not be all wrong. Hayaa basi, Gen Z nitafutieni tshirt kali nireport kwa ofisi.” said Butita

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