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Esther Passaris breaks silence after facing hostile crowd

Nairobi Woman Rep. Esther Passaris breaks her silence after facing a hostile crowd during the anti-femicide protest in Nairobi.

Taking on social media and responding to people questions and comments, she said that she was the available punching bag to let out frustrations and to settle political scores.

“I think the issue is ppl felt you did too little too late, considering. Perhaps this is an opportunity to put in place some frameworks to fight the misogyny that plays huge factor in femicide.” said Lady Njeri to Esther Passaris

“I was booed because I was the available punching bag to let out frustrations and to settle political scores. Not because “you did little too late”. I have been on a planning wall with CSOs for the Femicide March from inception.

NGAAF and my entire team stood up to be counted as mandated. We finished the march strong. Now back to work knowing we are ALL part of the solution and the problem.” she said

The Woman Rep. was questioned on social media about her silence when the issues were being reported with her presence during the protest being considered a political move to please Kenyans.

Not only was Passaris called out over her silence but also her association with the President who is under criticisms for over taxing Kenyans.

“The country is angry with everyone associated with Zakayo, particularly anyone supporting his oppressive taxes. My dear sister Passaris, pls distance from his pyramid scam dubbed ‘Housing’ Levy. You’re a capable leader; focus on your work WITHIN opposition ranks.” said Kabando Wa Kabando

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