Fred Obachi Machoka lectures man after shaming his father online

Radio veteran Fred Obachi Machoka has lectured a man after he went online to shame his father accompanied by a picture of them together.

Kiigen Koech noted that his relationship with his father was second to none and even though he was not a perfect son, neither was his father appreciative or perfect.

He continued by saying that even though his love was loyalty, what he received in return was ‘madharau’

“As a son, I did everything for you Prof. Davy Koech. Our Father and Son relationship was second to none. Now I wonder if it exists. I may not be a perfect son, but neither are you appreciative or a perfect father. My love was loyalty but my returns were MADHARAU! DISGRUNTLED!” said Koech

Responding to Koech, Machoka called out the youngman for lacking some manners as he described him as a fool for shaming his father online.

“Youngman, learn some manners! The people u are addressing here have got their own issues, which they solve behind closed doors. Only fools parade their parents to shame them. Your parents gave you life, but I think they should have just gone for a movie on that day instead!!!” said Machoka

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