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Governor Kawira Mwangaza survives second impeachment

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has survived a second impeachment after the Senate found all charges levelled against her not substantial.

“Senators have tonight cleared Hon Kawira Mwangaza, Governor of Meru County of seven charges brought against her in an impeachment motion by the County Assembly of Meru. The Senators, in a vote, determined that all the seven charges have not been substantiated.” said Speaker Amason Kingi

While reading the final vote, Hon. Amason Kingi noted that the final result by the Senators did not uphold any of the seven charges thus the Governor will remain in office.

“The result of the division indicates the senate has not upheld any of the charges. Therefore, the Senate has failed to remove from office the governor by impeachment. The governor accordingly continues to hold office,” said Kingi

Before the voting process began, the Governor made her final submission before the House calling on forgiveness to anyone she may have wronged.

“If there is a leader in this house, in Meru, and in Kenya that I have wronged, I ask for forgiveness,” said Mwangaza.

Mwangaza was moved to tears when a video was shared before the Senate digging into her personal life and relationship with husband Murega Baichu.

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