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Governor Waiguru threatens legal action against MP Njeri Maina

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has threatened to sue MP Njeri Maina following the Woman Representative’s post on Facebook.

Through her lawyers, Waiguru termed the statement untrue, reckless and defamatory meant to tint her image in the public.

“In their natural and ordinary meaning, the words published by you mean and are understood by right thinking members of the society to mean that; (a) Our client is a murderer, (b) Our client has conspired to murder you, (c) Our client has conspired with people to murder you, (d) Our client has conspired with people to carry out criminal acts and (e) Our client has no regard for the law,” read the later in parts.

The Governor called on the Woman Rep. to retract her post, offer an apology through the newspaper and desist from making any remarks through any medium.

“Immediately publish an unconditional apology to our client through the same medium used to defame our client that is your Facebook page. Further, you should publish an appropriate apology in a newspaper of nationwide circulation.” said Waiguru.

The news comes a day after MP Njeri Maina recorded a statement in regard her recent attack, an attack that has been linked to Governor Anne Waiguru. She was immediately airlifted to Nairobi for treatment.

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