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Haiti gang leader Barbecue issues stern warning to Kenyan police

Haitian gang leader Jimmy Chérizier well known as Barbecue has issued a stern warning to Kenyan police planning to restore peace in the country.

Speaking to Sky News, Barbecue noted that the police officers who will be sent by Kenyan government will be considered invaders and will be met with the full aggression leading to the loss of innocent people in return.

“If the Kenyan military or police come, whatsoever, I will consider them, aggressors. We will consider them as invaders and we do not have to collaborate with any invaders that have come to walk over our independence,” he said

He continued by saying that the police officers or military will dent further the rivalry in the Caribbean country and in between the war, the lives of innocent people will be at risk.

“I believe that just like I said, if Kenyans come, first of all, they will come to commit massacres in the poor communities because the oligarchs and the corrupt politicians are going to tell them where to go…they are going to enter the poor communities on the pretext that they are coming to eliminate gangs and bandits,” Barbecue

The gang leader however welcomed dialogue saying that they are ready for talks even though he cast doubt on the intention of the political class.

“We believe in dialogue, we are for dialogue, but this political class is here now is not here for dialogue because they don’t carry Haiti in their hearts the same way we do.

The political class say they are excluding bandits, that men with guns are not in it…we are ready for all solutions as long as Haitians are at the table. We are ready to sit and talk with everyone because we are not proud of what is happening in this country.” he said

During the interview, Barbecue portrayed himself as the hero who has the best interest of the people at heart even though the number of deaths related to gang war keeps increasing.

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