Sunday, April 21, 2024

Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigns

Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned hours after the country’s gang leader Barbeque issued an ultimatum to him.

His resignation follows a crisis meeting held by the 15 members of the Caribbean Community regional block as well known as CARICOM.

Confirming his resignation through a statement was President Mohammed Irfaan Ali of Guyana who is also the chairman of CARICOM.

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“We acknowledge his resignation upon the establishment of a transitional presidential council and naming of an interim prime minister,” he said

The block which also included the US and Canada unanimously agreed that they would form a seven member committee who would be tasked with selecting an interim Prime Minister.

According to the statement, the decision is for the benefit of people in Haiti as well as oversee the country through its coming election.

“I think we can all agree that Haiti is on the brink of disaster. We must take quick and decisive action here in this room to bring the situation under control and to return the country to the Haitian people,” read the statement

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