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Indian PM Narendra Modi opens controversial temple in Ayodhya

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi open the controversial temple in the northern city of Ayodhya as he seeks to transform the country into a Hindu state.

The ceremony has been welcomed by the Prime Minister’s populist party which term the temple as their vision to reclaim Hindu pride which has for many years been suppressed by British colonialism and Mughal rule.

It is now the hope of PM Modi that he can woo voters as he seeks re-election in the coming election but those challenging terming the opening of the temple which is still under construction is a political move to win the hearts of voters.

In attendance were more than 7,500 people who included politicians, industrialists and movie stars who watch the rituals being performed and a helicopter shower people with flower petals.

Speaking at the event, Narendra Modi noted that the Lord Ram had finally arrived after centuries of waiting and that the temple was built after countless sacrifices, bringing back the country from the shackles of colonialism.

In what was a day to remember, TV station run full coverage of the event which was termed a religious spectacle including movie theaters who aired the event. Some states declared it a public holiday as stocks and money markets were also closed for the day.

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