Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Japanese mafia boss charged with supplying nuclear to Iran

US authorities have charged a Japanese mafia boss for conspiring to traffic nuclear materials from Myanmar to Iran for the purpose of making nuclear weapons.

60-year-old Takeshi Ebisawa was charged alongside 61-year-old Somphop Singhasiri for trafficking drugs, weapons and nuclear materials in what DEA has confirmed that was to be used to make nuclear materials.

“”Going so far as to offer uranium and weapons-grade plutonium fully expecting that Iran would use it for nuclear weapons.

This is an extraordinary example of the depravity of drug traffickers who operate with total disregard for human life,” said DEA head Anne Milgram

Takeshi Ebisawa has also been linked to a Yakuza transnational organised crime syndicate and the materials were found after an undercover DEA agent posed as a trafficker who witnessed the transfer of the materials from Myanmar to Thailand.

It has also been revealed that the mafia boss wanted to complete the transfer of the materials so as to purchase deadly weapons in return.

Ebisawa and his co-accused will be arraigned at a Manhattan court on Thursday.

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