Sunday, April 21, 2024

Nairobi County official arrested demanding Ksh 15k bribe

EACC detectoves have arrested one Moses Gachanja Gachuki, a Nairobi County Official for demanding Ksh 15,000 bribe to inspect slaughtered goats.

“EACC has arrested one Moses Gachanja Gachuki, a Nairobi County Official deployed as a Meat Inspector at Kariobangi Slaughter House who demanded a bribe of Kes. 15,000 as a condition for inspecting the complainant’s slaughtered goats.

The accused is alleged to be one of many Meat Inspectors in Nairobi County extorting money cumulatively running into millions, from traders before inspecting their slaughtered animals.

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They are further accused of asking meat traders not to make payment of all fees payable through the designated Government Pay Bill but only deposit a small portion and hand over the rest of the amount in cash to the Inspection Officers.” said EACC

When the complaint failed to comply, he reported the matter to EACC who also recovered Ksh 24,000 he had obtained from another trader.

“The complainant refused to succumb to the extortion bid and instead reported the matter to EACC which mounted an investigative operation leading to the arrest of the suspect after receiving the demanded amount.

The Commission also recovered additional Kes. 24,000 which the suspect had received from another trader. Upon the arrest on Tuesday, he was escorted to Kilimani Police Station where he was held pending today‚Äôs processing at EACC Integrity Centre Police Station. He will be arraigned upon completion of the remaining investigative process.” said EACC

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