Friday, July 19, 2024

Kenya Red Cross vehicles attacked, staff and volunteers injured

Kenya Red Cross as issued a statement confirming that their vehicles have been attacked and their staff and volunteers injured.

According to the organization, the attacks are due to rumors that they are transporting people other than those injured and that the rumors should stop.

“Our vehicles have been attacked. Staff and volunteers injured. We have no contact or role in transporting persons other than the injured. The rumours must stop. We can’t provide life-saving interventions without access and safety for our staff and volunteers.” said Kenya Red Cross.

They continued by requesting access to conduct humanitarian services and that the allegations put the lives of their staff and volunteers at risk.

“It is crucial that we are granted access to continue our humanitarian efforts without hindrance. It is quite unfair that we are being accused of whisking members of parliament while our staff and volunteers put their lives in danger to provide critical medical care to those in need.” read the statement

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