Monday, July 15, 2024

President Ruto terms breach of Parliament as treasonous

President William Ruto has condemned Tuesday breach of Parliament as treasonous as he vowed to take action against those behind it.

Speaking from State House Nairobi, the Head of State condemned the protests where over eight people were confirmed dead and over 125 others sustained injuries.

According to President William Ruto it was the criminals who posed as peaceful protesters who hijacked the country, caused mayhem and burnt down the Parliament.

“I hereby put on notice the planners, financiers, orchestrators, and abettors of violence and anarchy that the security infrastructure established to protect our republic and its sovereignty will be to deployed secure the country and  restore order and normalcy.

We must isolate crime from democratic expression and separate criminals from people exercising their freedom of expression and divergent opinion,” he said

He continued by promising Kenyans prompt response to the events and that they will not occur again.

” I assure Kenyans that we shall provide a full, effective, and expeditious response to today’s treasonous events,” said President Ruto

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