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KFCB takes action against Embarambamba and Bishop Johanna

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has ordered the removal of controversial gospel artist Chris Embarambamba’s content on all streaming platforms in the country.

Also affected by the latest orders are Bishop Johanna and William Getumbe. Their content has also been termed inappropriate.

“A demand letter has been issued to Embrambamba and Getumbe to remove any inappropriate content from their various platforms. Failure to comply will result in legal action per the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya,” read the notice

It is with deep regret that the board noted how the artists used the gospel to showcase indecent performances in the name of content creation.

Parents on the other hand have been advised to ensure that their children are not exposed to such obscene content when at home.

“In cases where children have access to the internet and smart devices, parents/guardians must exercise responsibility to ensure that minors do not access inappropriate content,” said KFCB.

Former KFCB boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua confirmed that the board has also initiated the process of deregistering Embarambamba and Getumbe. In case they are successful, they will not receive royalties for the next five years. If they continue with the trend, they will receive a lifetime ban by the board.

“Finally, KFCB strikes! Embarambamba and Getumbe’s obnoxious content will be deleted from social media.

MCSK has also initiated the process of deregistering the two from the Society. If the resolution by a recent special AGM is upheld, the two will not be members of MCSK and will not earn any royalties for FIVE years.

Repeat offences will earn them a life ban! We must get rid of this madness and restore sanity. Thank you KFCB for acting. ” said Mutua.

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