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Kindiki vows to deal with corruption at Immigration department

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has vowed to deal with corruption at Immigration department at Nyayo House, Nairobi County.

Speaking on Thursday, the CS admitted there is a problem at the department and that he will provide leadership as required.

He continued by saying that there are a few people who are good but there are some who are bad collecting bribes and harassing Kenyans on services that are actually free of charge.

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According to the CS he will physically avail him at the department to oversee service delivery and when need be he will shut down the department and declare it a scene of crime as many Kenyans have suffered in the hands of the officers.

Brokers who have been a hinderance in operations at Nyayo House will also be dealt with as promised CS Kithure Kindiki.

Kenyans have many time called on the government to assist them with the issue citing corruption as the biggest problem at the department.

Some noted how some machines would be declared broken but once someone pays a bribe they are issued with the necessary document at the shortest time.

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