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Kisii man arrested after killing brother’s wife and kids

A 27-year-old man has been arrested in Kisii after he hacked to death his brother’s wife and kids over a piece of land.

“27-Year-Old man who hacked to death his brother’s wife and kids yesterday at Mesaria village in Kisii County has been arrested.

Alex Ayata Migosi who ran into hiding after the homicide was nabbed last night, hours after the Tuesday 14th incident within Kegogi location in Marani sub-county, Kisii.

Moments before the savage attack of the 27-year-old wife and her two children aged 4 and 3, neighbours reported to have witnessed heated altercations between the murder suspect and his brother Patrick Omuga over an unestablished issue.

In an abominable resolve to settle scores, Ayata sneaked into the brother’s house wielding a machete, cold-bloodedly slaying the helpless trio to the horror and condemnation of the neighbourhood.

The area security forces were mobilized to have the malefactor cornered before he could leave the region, efforts that bore fruits last night. He is currently being processed for arraignment.” said DCI

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