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Drama in Nyayo as mother blocks gate demanding explanation

It was business unusual in Nyayo Estate Gate A as a mother blocked the gate demanding explanation as to why his son was blocked by the askaris.

The incident began when the son who was riding a motorcycle was blocked by the askaris who wanted him to prove that he was the owner.

“Apparently this lady’s son was stopped while riding a bike getting out of Nyayo Estate Gate A. Askaris wanted to know if it was his bike and whether he could prove it. The guy gets mad and calls Mama.” said Francis Gaitho

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Responding to the call, the mother turned up with her daughter in two separate cars blocking the entrance causing drama with neighbours who called on her to remove the vehicles.

“Mama shows up with her daughter in two different cars and blocks the entire Gate A demanding an explanation as to why the Askaris would dare question her boy. Supposedly teaching them a lesson with her cars and inconveniencing all other residents leaving for various activities in the process.

Cops were called. And both vehicles whisked away. But it is being whispered that she is the wife to a Governor from Western (Busia) hence the impunity.” said Francis Gaitho

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