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Missing businesswoman Ann Njeri Njoroge resurfaces

Businesswoman Ann Njeri Njoroge, the tycoon behind the controversial Ksh 17 billion oil import has resurfaced.

Speaking from Mombasa where the case is set to be heard, the businesswoman revealed how she was abducted shortly after recording a statement with DCI over the importation.

According to Ann, she was abducted and bundled into a car where her eyes were closed as she begged with the abductors to spare her. She was taken to unknown location where she was requested to reveal the truth or risk being killed.

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The importation has already caused a topic of discussion with the government claiming that it was imported by Galana and Ramco, companies licensed by the government to import the precious commodity in the G2G agreement.

The statement is different from that issued by the businesswoman who maintains her stand that the shipment belongs to her and that the documents she posses are legit.

The abduction of Ann Njeri Njoroge is the second one involving wealthy business people in the country after that of tycoon Rai behind the controversial sugar scandal.

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