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Klopp defends Chelsea for losing five finals in a row

Outgoing Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has defended Chelsea over recent criticism of losing five finals in a row.

Speaking during a press conference, Klopp noted that he has the experience of losing five or six finals and that the feeling is not good at all.

“I’m the one who knows what it’s like to lose five or six finals in a row… I can imagine how it was for Chelsea”. he said

“Everybody tells you: by the way, you lost the last five and that’s a new record. It’s not nice and I really felt for them” said Klopp

The former Dortmund manager noted that it was not a good thing to label Chelsea bottlers as the players faces he saw after the Carabao final was horrible.

“They didn’t deserve to get all the blame. They played a really good game”. he said

“That’s why this ‘bottling’ thing is really not mine. I really don’t understand it”. he continued

“I saw in the faces of the players and Poch after the game that it felt horrible”. said Klopp

The news comes at a time when Chelsea competitiveness under Mauricio Pochetino is under scrutiny as they continue to loss major Premier League clashes and now losing to Liverpool at the Carabao final.

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