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KQ denies allegation unlicensed pilot flew plane for 8 years

Kenya’s leading airline Kenya Airways has denied social media allegation that a Kenya pilot has flown their plane for eight years without a pilots license.

They have called on the public to regard the allegation as fake news and that their pilots and crew go through vigorous background and security checks to ensure that they are qualified to operate.

“Our attention has been drawn to a news story circulating on online blogs and different social media platforms alleging that a Keryar Pilot flew for Kenya Airways for 8 years without a Pilot’s license.

The General Public is advised to treat this as fake news as no such pilot has ever flown for Kenya Airways.

Further due diligence is conducted while vetting applicants including verification of documents from the institution where an applicant attended training KQ operates in a highly regulated environment with regular audits from a number of regulators across its network”┬áread the statement

The airline further confirms that the environment they operate is highly regulate included the renewal of licenses by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

The news follows the discovery that Brian Mwenda Njegi has practiced as an Advocate of the High Court without the necessary qualifications. A warrant of arrest has been issued at a time when politicians have supported his hustle promising to carter for his education.

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