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Kwale County Head of Treasury and his four brothers arrested over graft charges

EACC detectives have arrested Kwale County Head of Treasury Vincent Mbito together with his four brothers over graft allegations.

The brothers are accused of executing fraudulent deals using their companies Chilongola Holdings and Rome Investments (k) Limited to transact with the county.

“EACC has this morning arrested Kwale County Head of Treasury Vincent Mbito and his 4 brothers working in various Departments in the county, to face graft charges.

The Mbitos are the Directors/owners of two companies namely Chilongola Holdings and Rome Investments (k) Limited, which they have been using to execute fraudulent deals with the Kwale County Government.

The suspects include :

1. Vincent Chirima Mbito, County Head of Treasury,

2. Mongo Mbito Mongo- County Revenue Officer.

3. Hassan Shilingi Mbito- Driver,Kwale Water and Sewerage Company Limited.

4. Mwaiwe Mongo Mbito- Kwale County Procurement Officer.

5. Chindoro Mongo Mbito- National Government. Ministry of Health (initially an Intern at Kwale County)

The Mbitos have been escorted from Mombasa Central Police Station to the Mombasa Anti-Corruption Court to take plea.” said EACC

Rome Investments and Chilongola Limited are alleged to have received Ksh 44,919,341 and Ksh 4,007,943 respectively through the deals which were achieved by using forged documents.

“The current charges relate to 10 contracts fraudulently awarded to the companies; Rome Investments and Chilongola Limited; which were paid exaggerated amounts Kes. 44,919,341 and Kes 4,007,943 respectively.

The total amount was distributed to the suspects. The tenders, which they obtained in violation of procurement laws using forged documents, were for the supply and delivery of sanitation materials, food and ration, general office supplies, and institutional appliances.” said EACC

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