Sunday, May 26, 2024

Marsabit County official arrested over fake academic certificates

EACC detectives have arrested Marsabit Ward Administrator Halkano Dabasso for the offense of forging academic certificates.

Dabasso is accused of forging a Diploma in Community Development and Social Work and KCSE certificates from KNEC.

“The Ward Administrator for Marsabit Central Halkano Dabasso was today arrested to be charged with offences relating to forgery of academic certificates.

The suspect, to be arraigned before the Isiolo Anti-Corruption Court on Tuesday, forged a Diploma in Community Development and Social Work purporting it to be a genuine document issued by Thika Institute of Business Studies and a KCSE Certificate from KNEC.

Dabasso used the fake certificates to gain employment at Marsabit County Government where he has been working since 2018. The suspect is held at Isiolo Police Station pending arraignment.

In addition to the criminal charges, EACC will, on behalf of the public, recover all the salaries and benefits that the Ward Administrator has earned over the years on the basis of the forged certificates.

The arrest came after ODPP concurred with recommendations of the Commission to charge the official with 6 counts of fraudulent acquisition of public property, deceiving principal forgery and uttering a false document.” said EACC

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