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Lucas Paqueta charged by FA for affecting the betting market

Brazilian midfielder Lucas Paqueta has been charged by English FA for affecting the betting market.

The offense which is against FA Rules E5 and F3 saw the West Ham player affect the market intentionally by picking up a card so as to enable one or more individuals to profit.

“It’s alleged that he directly sought to influence the progress, conduct, or any other aspect of, or occurrence in these matches by intentionally seeking to receive a card from the referee for the improper purpose of affecting the betting market in order for one or more persons to profit from betting” said FA

“Lucas Paqueta has also been charged with two breaches of FA Rule F3 in respect of alleged failures to comply pursuant to FA Rule F2.” said Fabrizio Romano

Speaking after the news, Paqueta maintained innocence even though he will not ptovide further information as it is an ongoing investigation.

“I’m extremely surprised and upset to see that the FA have decided to charge me”.

“For nine months, I’ve cooperated with every step of their investigation and provided all the information I can”.

“I deny the charges in their entirety and will fight with every breath to clear my name”.

“Due to the ongoing process, I will not provide any further comment” he said

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