Monday, June 17, 2024

Lulu Hassan advise to young couples ‘marriage haina manual’

Renowned TV presenter Lulu Hassan is trending thanks to a viral video of hers advising young couples that marriage does not have a manual.

The now famous words were uttered by the Citizen TV presenter who advised a couple during a wedding ceremony that they should not listen to outsiders on what will and not work in their union.

“Lulu Hassan advise to young couples ‘marriage haina manual’. Mtu yoyote asikwambie how to treat your wife wala bibi mtu asikwambie bwana mfanyie hivi au vile.” said Lulu Hassan

She continued by calling on people to forget what they see on TV as everything is different in real life. Lulu advised couples against wishing that they were like her and Rashid Abdalla as it can never happen.

“Tutakwambia tu how to go about it but Omar hawezi kuwa Rashid na your wife hawezi kuwa Lulu. 

So usiende ukae nyumbani unalia mimi nataka kukuwa kama Lulu na Rashid it doesn’t happen like that. Nini mambo yangu na huyu pia ana mambo yake,” said Lulu

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