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Mobile Airtime for Money: How to Convert It Online in Kenya

Okay, last time, we reviewed one app for converting airtime to cash in Kenya, and today, we are going to add two – for your convenience.

These are simpler, or rather, a fit for Gen Zs and all, as the conversion is all done online. No sending USSD requests again.

As noticed, USSDs can eat up some credit when almost everyone is swimming at zero and is tight on budget. With the harsh Kenyan economy, what do you expect? You can have the airtime needed for conversion but lack an extra to run some of the previous manual processes before getting cash for mobile airtime.

Also, today, an unknown notion is many of us would rather have data bundles than top-up mobile airtime, let’s say, for calls, and so getting an app that helps you convert this airtime to cash can be a lifesaver when you are barely making ends meet:

1. Teleswap app: Change your life with the power of your airtime!

Did you know that with Teleswap Kenya, you can access instant cash when you have nothing in your wallet but only airtime on your phone? Yes! You only need a sufficient airtime credit balance, the app, and a working internet connection.

The Teleswap app was created to understand the needs of Safaricom customers who have airtime on their phones and need real money to cover emergencies and other purchases.

With it, you can convert up to Ksh9,000 worth of credit airtime to cash at a 70% rate, meaning that its service fee is 30%.

Converting airtime to cash

For example, if you have Ksh200 Safaricom airtime and want cash, the Teleswap application will give you Ksh170 deposited in your Mpesa wallet minutes after a successful conversion. Here is how you can start doing it;

  1. Download and install the Teleswap app on your phone, then open it
  2. On the app’s front page, tap ‘CONVERT AIRTIME TO CASH’
  3. Enter the Safaricom airtime amount between Ksh50 and Ksh9,000 you would wish to convert to cash and proceed
How to convert airtime to cash
  1. On the next page, you will see what you will get after converting Safaricom airtime to cash successfully. Here, confirm the phone number that will receive the money via Mpesa
  2. Hit ‘CONVERT AIRTIME’ to finish up

Its process is purely online, and its automated system will complete the USSD sambaza requests to convert your Safaricom airtime to cash.

Shortly, you will see a Mpesa message that you’ve received cash equaling what you put forward for online conversion.

2. DBS Kenya – Converts even Bonga Points

When you have excess airtime received in radio promotions or as gifts from friends, family, and colleagues, or just surplus credit from work and it’s not of Safaricom, DBS Kenya will let you convert them to Mpesa cash, but the special thing about this app is that you can even convert Bonga Points.

You only need to visit its website dbskenya.com and choose your network of conversion as displayed: Safaricom Airtime, Telkom Airtime, Airtel Airtime, and Bonga Points, then follow the prompts to get cash.

These are the best apps so far for their convenience of converting airtime to cash in Kenya.

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