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MyDawa and Kenya Red Cross Launch Groundbreaking Initiative to Save Lives in Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya – June 04, 2024 – MyDawa, Kenya’s leading online pharmacy, in collaboration with the Kenya Red Cross Society, proudly announces the launch of “First Boda,” a pioneering initiative aimed at transforming emergency medical response in Nairobi. This innovative project leverages the ubiquitous presence of boda boda riders to provide swift first aid assistance in the event of road accidents and other emergencies.

Addressing a Critical Need

Kenya is grappling with a high incidence of injuries related to traffic accidents. Zainab Mohammed, the Head of Medical Programs at the Kenya Red Cross Society, emphasises that the survival rate of accident victims hinges significantly on the speed at which they receive emergency care. “With over 280,000 serious injuries reported in Nairobi alone annually. Despite the critical need for rapid emergency response, the country has only around 400 ambulances”, often resulting in wait times of over two hours for emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to reach the scene. This delay drastically reduces the chances of survival for many victims,” she says. 

“An ambulance will delay, so what we need is the support from these boda boda riders who are at the scene to start the initial care and increase chances of survival. It goes without saying, absolutely, this kind of training is going to save more lives,” adds Sammy Kamanu – an EMT & Training specialist with Kenya Redcross Society.

The “First Boda” Initiative

The “First Boda” initiative aims to bridge this gap by training boda boda riders, who are known for their ability to navigate traffic swiftly, in basic EMT skills. With over 200,000 delivery riders in Nairobi alone, these individuals are ideally positioned to provide immediate assistance at accident scenes.

“Accidents on the road are a common occurrence, but often we find ourselves helpless, merely observing or bypassing the scene due to our lack of essential skills to provide help. This training is set to bring about a significant impact. As more riders become proficient in first aid, we can expect a rise in the number of lives saved that might otherwise have been lost,” says Evans Khabeko, a MyDawa delivery rider.

Partnership and Training

MyDawa and the Red Cross have designed a comprehensive training program covering critical areas such as bleeding, fractures, CPR, burn treatment, spine injuries and preventing infections. Boda boda riders who complete the training are equipped with specially crafted first aid kits that fit neatly into their delivery containers, ensuring they are always prepared to provide essential care.

The desired outcome:

“First Boda” is an initiative that encourages all boda boda riders groups and companies that operate large delivery fleets across the country to join us in training their riders to enhance road safety across the country.

About MyDawa

Founded in 2016, MyDawa is Kenya’s premier online pharmacy, providing safe, affordable healthcare products and medical services through an innovative technology-based platform. With recent funding of $20 million from Alta Semper Capital, MyDawa continues to expand its reach and enhance its service offerings, aiming to democratise access to healthcare across Africa.

About Kenya Red Cross Society

The Kenya Red Cross Society is a humanitarian organisation dedicated to delivering emergency relief, disaster preparedness, and health services to communities across Kenya. Their partnership with MyDawa in the “First Boda” initiative exemplifies their commitment to innovative solutions for improving public health and safety.

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