Friday, July 19, 2024

Notorious motor vehicle vandal arrested in Kiamumbi

DCI detectives have arrested Francis Ndichu Kimani, a notorious motor vehicle vandal pants down in Kiamumbi.

The 24-year-old suspect is among the very many thieves causing sleepless nights for motor vehicle owners in the area who have been forced to pay watchmen to protect their properties.

“After giving Kiamumbi residents sleepless nights by stealthily creeping perimeter fences and vandalizing their parked motor vehicles in the cover of darkness, the notorious suspect identified as Francis Ndichu Kimani, 24, was finally caught pants down.

The arrest followed a sting operation conducted along Santiago Street, a spot so frequented by the enemies of progress that some motorists who dread vandalism of their cars either leave them a distance away at presumed safe areas, spend extra cash on watchmen or sleep in the cars to keep watch themselves.

Strategically positioning themselves at various points, troops in Kiamumbi led by the OCS braved night-long dizzles, until 3.40am when the lone burglar also known as Ndich was spotted scaling the wall of a homestead.

In a matter of seconds even before the commander could direct his men on the next course of action, the suspect re-emerged clutching the front grid and headlight of a Toyota Harrier, skillfully stripped from the home owner’s family car. He was netted and marched to the station.” said DCI

Investigations are ongoing to arrest his accomplices and the market where the spare parts are being sold.

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