Sunday, May 26, 2024

Nottingham Forest to take action after three penalties were denied

Premier League side Nottingham Forest is now considering to take action after three of their penalty appeals were turned down by the VAR.

The three complaints raised on Sunday against Everton saw Nottingham Forest go down two goals to nil in their away fixture.

Taking on social media, they noted that the decision is not acceptable even after raising a complaint that VAR official was Luton fan but PGMOL did not change him throughout the clash.

“Three extremely poor decisions – three penalties not given – which we simply cannot accept. We warned the PGMOL that the VAR is a Luton fan before the game but they didn’t change him. Our patience has been tested multiple times. NFFC will now consider its options.” read the statement

The statement by Nottingham is among the many complaints raised by other Premier League clubs calling for reforms by PGMOL as it was greatly affecting important clashes of the tournament.

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