Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Plane carrying Indian passengers cleared after human trafficking probe

A plane carrying 303 Indian passengers has left France for Mumbai after it was detained over human trafficking allegations.

The Airbus A340 which landed at Vatry airport, 150 kilometres east of Paris from Mumbai for refueling was detained after authorities got a tip off that it was ferrying victims of human trafficking.

What followed next was intense questioning by the authorities for two days before it was given a go ahead to leave by the French prosecutors.

Confirming the news was Liliana Bakayoko, a lawyer for the airline who noted that the plane had obtained the necessary clearances to leave for Mumbai as they prepared for the right time which had been set for noon.

Fears had grown that the passengers could have applied for asylum in France but they demanded to be allowed to fly to Nicaragua as promised by the authorities.

Pictures from the airport revealed the plane getting ready to depart and had been fitted with a gangway. Some of the passengers had gathered just below it ahead of departure.

It has since been revealed that the passengers were workers from the United Arab Emirates headed to Nicaragua which would have been an easy entry to United States or Canada.

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