President Ruto vows not to privatize sugar companies

President William Ruto has expressed his commitment not to privatize sugar companies in Nyanza and Western region of the region.

Speaking in Sunday in Migori, the Head of State noted that the government will only lease the sugar companies under specific terms and conditions.

He continued by saying that under government plans, the lease program will ensure efficiency and replacement of old mills with new ones and that farmers will be paid on time unlike it was in the past.

“In the debt write off plan we agreed in the Cabinet that we will pay the farmers then after doing that we are going to advertise so that we have a leasing programme so there will be no privatisation.

We will ensure that whoever will lease these facilities, we have to agree on how we are going to have a new mill that is going to serve us better and efficiently, farmers must be paid on time and we eliminate the challenges that we have had in the past,”  said President William Ruto.

The Head of State continued by promising those behind the woes in the sugar sector are punished accordingly and that the government will stop bailing the companies out.

“I have agreed for the last time to use taxpayers’ money to pay the farmers and the payment will be made by December but those behind this will not go scot-free, I will be tough on them,” he said

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