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Quincy Timberlake pleads guilty to manslaughter of 3-year-old son

Quincy Timberlake, the husband to former TV anchor Esther Arunga has pleaded guilty to the murder of their 3-year-old son.

The incident which happened at their Kallangur home north of Brisbane, Australia has seen Quincly enter into a plea deal of manslaughter charges before trial at the Brisbane Supreme Court.

The new development saw the prosecution team withdraw murder charges against him and subsequently halt any verdict that would have been issued by the judge.

In 2014 Sinclair died shortly after paramedics were called at their house leading to the arrest of the couple whose marriage was surrounded by controversies.

Esther Arunga confessed that their son died after his father hit him several times in the stomach before hitting him against the wall in a regular assault the man had been taking his son through.

Quincy later admitted that he killed his son in an attempt to remove demons that were stuck in his stomach. It wasn’t long before it was revealed that the former Presidential candidate was diagnosed with psychosis and schizophrenia.

Sentencing of the case is now scheduled for September 29th.

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