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How To Buy Safaricom Data Bundles And Minutes Without Paying Okoa Jahazi

Last time, your airtime balance was below Ksh 5, so you decided to take a credit advance-Safaricom Auto Okoa Service-also Okoa jahazi, which since its launch on June 14, 2018, has been providing Safaricom Prepay subscribers with seamless airtime loans through USSD *131# after meeting eligibility perquisites among them having a monthly usage of Ksh 500 or above.

Well after taking the Okoa jahazi facility and using it for your communication demands, purchasing data bundles, making calls etc, you are supposed to repay that debt within five days lest you get blacklisted for 24 hrs.

Now, due to economic hardship and unexplained financial toxicity, you are in no position to repay your Okoa Jahazi debt but want to purchase data bundles and minutes using the same Safaricom line with Okoa Jahazi, but the talking is how to pursue this much desired course, We got you.

In this article you will learn how to buy Safaricom data bundles and minutes without paying Okoa Jahazi to help you get over the financial distress, cover the unexpected expense and have peace of mind.

How To Buy Safaricom Data Bundles And Minutes Without Paying Okoa Jahazi

Here is the simplest way of purchasing Safaricom data bundles from your Safaricom line that has Okoa Jahazi debt.

  1. Download Facebook Lite
  2. Log in your Facebook account while using data service from the line you want to make purchase on.
  3. Switch to free mode and click ‘Buy Data’ from the top menu toolbar.
  4. Choose desired data package as listed from the menu.
  5. Make data purchases using the Mpesa option

Note: Safaricom will only deduct data charges, without without adding your Okoa Jahazi debt to the total payable cost.

How To Buy Safaricom minutes Without Paying Okoa Jahazi

Thinking of making a critical call, but Okoa Jahazi is the barrier? Here is how you can buy minutes despite having Okoa Jahazi debt.

  1. Dial *444# on your phone
  2. Go to option 10, ‘More Offers’
  3. Click option 2, ‘unlock more git’
  4. Choose your desired minutes package and pay via Mpesa.

Through this method, you can buy minutes from your Safaricom line that has Okoa Jahazi without making a repayment.

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