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Raila slams execution of the affordable housing project

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has continued his onslaught against the government and most importantly on the affordable housing project.

Speaking in Meru County, the ODM party leader noted that he has never been against the project but rather its execution.

According to the former Prime Minister, the biggest problem with the project is that the government is using force to execute it especially from salaried Kenyans who have been targeted.

“Hakuna kitu kibaya kuhusu affordable housing lakini kitu kibaya ni vile wanaendeleza na kutekeleza, wanaleta kiburi na kifua na hiyo haiwezekani kwa demokrasia,” he said.

He continued by saying he was also behind the project after touring China and Singapore but the plan was to build different houses depending on the regions.

“Mimi ndio nilileta hiyo mambo nikiwa waziri wa public works and housing na nilienda China, Korea na Singapore na niko na hiyo mpango, tailor-make each plan for the different regions not one size fits all…najua siri lakini wacha waanguke kwanza,” said Hon. Raila Odinga

The ODM party leader called on the government to deal with corruption within the government instead of taxing Kenyans heavily.

“Kama chungu inavuja, hata ukiongeza maji namna gani hawezijaa…deal with corruption within the system, wacha kuongeza ushuru unaumiza Wakenya,” he said

Raila’s statement comes at a time when the court suspended further implementation of the affordable housing project much to the happiness of many Kenyans.

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