Monday, June 17, 2024

Ruto visits Starlink, advocates Grammy Africa Academy Headquarters in Nairobi

President William Ruto in his visit of the US has visited Starlink to understand its transformative power and encourage collaboration with Kenya.

“An insightful day at SpaceX, understanding the transformative power of Starlink. Thank you Elon Musk for your vision and commitment to global connectivity. Encouraged to see the collaboration with Kenya’s Karibu Connect. Together, we are on the cusp of a more connected and innovative future.

Starlink presents a promising solution for achieving universal internet access by overcoming traditional infrastructure limitations. Their investment has the ability to significantly enhance high-speed connectivity in remote villages, schools and various institutions across the country, thus unlocking the full potential of our digital economy.

Visited StarLink/SpaceX factory in Los Angeles, United States; urged the organization to work towards reducing the cost of internet access in the country.” said President William Ruto

At the same day, the Head of State met Grammy Global Venture CEO Harvey Mason Jr. where he advocated for the construction of Grammy Africa Academy Headquarters in Nairobi

“Also held talks with the Grammy Global Venture CEO Harvey Mason Jr. and President Panos Panay, advocated for the Grammy Africa Academy Headquarters to be hosted in Nairobi.

Later, met with Nicholas Weinstock, the President of Invention Studios. We explored the possibility of American filmmakers filming in Kenya, potentially generating job opportunities and contributing to the growth of our film industry.” he said

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